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Linkedin has over 750 million users

We're #1 for LinkedIn Commercial Construction Lead Outreach Messages

Every person you will ever need to do business with is sitting inside this platform, and to reach them manually would take years, if not decades.

With our proven commercial construction lead generation strategy, we will show you ‘step-by-step’ how you can easily stand out as a top builder or subbie in your state or country, and the exact activity message sequence strategy that we use that will get you seen 10x more than your competition.

LinkedIn Commercial Construction Lead Generation
Automate your work on Linkedln

Automate and simplify your work on Linkedln

GroBuild Construct Group's Linkedin Add On Feature is a powerful yet super simple autopilot for Linkedln that automates your work and helps win more deals.
  • Up to 1,000 Connection Requests Sent per Month
  • Up to 50 Targeted Connection Requests Daily
  • Messaging Strategy And Sales Copy Written For You
  • All Data/ Emails Scraped From All New Connections
  • Weekly Reports
  • 3-5 Step Construction Specific Message Sequence Written
  • Up to 300 New Connections/Month or Average
  • 18-21 Warm Exclusive Construction Leads Per Month On Average
  • Linkedin Leads + Non Responders Added to Email Drip
  • We do the legwork to get leads to reply and then you jump in!
  • Priority Client Support

Increase engagement with effective nurturing and automated outreach.

Scale your outreach with personalized triggered messaging drip campaigns that engage and convert. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your small or large scale commercial construction pipeline, we nurture leads to boost conversions, automate follow-ups or track replies and engagement right from our own AI, GroBuild Construct Group tools 100% guarantees you book more meetings.

Create a lead generation funnel on Linkedln

What if we tell you there is a way to save over 25 hours / week by automating Linkedln B2B lead generation with GroBuild Construct Group? Well… there is

Create your personal automated lead generation funnel on Linkedln, send connection requests and messages in bulk. We auto follow up your leads multiple times if there is no response and convert your prospects into booked appointments in your calendar.

Linkedln Lead Generation Funnel

Trusted By 18,000 + Awesome Commercial Construction Companies & Sales Teams!

Linkedin has become a massive source of commercial construction leads and marketing data for builders and subcontractors all over the world.

Our system is a safe and effective way for companies like yours to turn cold contacts into warm leads and booked calls consistently.

Your Linkedin Strategy is in good hands as we have been deployed by 18,000+ users world-wide!

We make great white label partners also!

Identify Decision Makers
Identify Decision Makers

We help you identify the key building construction decision makers and find them on Linkedin.

Build a Powerful Network
Build a Powerful Network

Send targeted connection requests to your ideal clients EVERY SINGLE DAY. Fill your Linkedin network with high quality prospects.

Multi-Step Messaging Strategy
Multi-Step Messaging Strategy

Our expert copywriters will write a messaging strategy based on 18,000+ campaigns. Position yourself as a valuable resource to your new connections.

Account Manager to Track/Respond and Book Calls
Account Manager to Track/Respond and Book Calls

Either manage replies on your own or let our team track, report, respond, and even book calls for you.

You’re In Safe Hands

Our Linkedin Outreach messaging campaign have increased revenue by over 254% for a Californian Builder so far only targeting Los Angeles area.
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Our Satisfied Customers

What our users say

Trusted by more than 20,000 subcontractors, builders and designers, globally.

These guys are the real deal! They helped fill our construction businesses' pipeline with over 22 leads a month. The leads were mostly Property Owners, Lead Estimators, Contracts Administrators, Construction Managers and Directors. It resulted in a full sales pipeline.

Marvin Brattan - Our Customer
Marvin Brattan

Using GroBuild Construct Group, we were able to lower our CPL by 80% and drive 10X more pipeline within four months.

Rick Neil - Managing Director
Rick Neil

Simply stated, this solution has singlehandedly revolutionized the way in which I prospect for business. Roughly 70-90% of my outbound prospecting activities are delivered to me automatically through the GroBuild Construct Group campaigns. I simply turn on the system when I need more prospects and turn it off when I have more business than I can handle. It is quite literally a "prospecting firehose" allowing me to precisely target my prospects, generate interest in our products and services, and create warm introductions to commercial building developments in my home state.

Dan Burnell - Our Customer
Dan Burnell

This offer by GroBuild Construct Group is only 20% of their entire AI B2B Prospecting process but buy does it work well for commercial construction consultants! It has helped me expand my professional network and connect with people who add value to my role.

With LinkedIn's + Email drip messaging sequences, I've been responsible for growing our construction companies' revenue across the country consistently each quarter.

Curtis Medland - Our Customer
Curtis Medland

I had a handful of $20-30Million Mixed Use Apartments leads in after only 90 days of sitting back and watching the Autopilot work its magic on LinkedIn. The largest construction tender we had ever been awarded before this was up to $5 to $10M commercial developments.

Kevin Wasterdale - Our Customer
Kevin Wasterdale

When it comes to LinkedIn GroBuild Construct Group is definitely the leading experts. These lead experts know their stuff, provides stacks of value and can assist you on your path to success. GroBuild automates the tedious tasks of our campaign building with the power of 3 campaign managers.

Jaye Whitehead - Our Customer
Jaye Whitehead

Within the first 90 days using GroBuild Construct Group, we saw our largest increase in lead volume, and ultimately our lowest CPL of any other quarter. An additional $32M in pipeline generated.

Emma Cannard - Our Customer
Emma Cannard

As a commercial new Business Development Manager it's changed my life and kept me in the top 1% in my sales team. This part of the GroBuild Construct Group service is outstanding. Pre-qualified and better leads all round and we're first in the door before larger commercial construction tenders.

Brett McCallum - Our Customer
Brett McCallum

Build a sales development department the right way

With GroBuild Construct Group, you’re not just hiring a single sales development rep. You’re getting an entire sales development department at a fraction of the cost and effort of hiring internally.

For each project, we provide: a Success Manager to drive high-level strategy, a Project Manager to oversee day-to-day operations, and one or more Sales Development Representatives working diligently to set sales appointments with qualified leads.

Build a sales development department

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