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One of the most effective means of reaching your target customers is to message them directly. Using Artificial Intelligence, that allows searching over 79 Million properties, identify prospects contact information, easily bypass gatekeepers and reach out to decision makers, then by using highly-targeted email outreach and machine learning, we book meetings with your ideal clients and pass them on to your sales team.

The result is often Millions of dollars in sales revenue.

  • We’ve helped successfully deliver $286.5 Billion + in construction contracts, globally

  • 79Million B2B Property Contacts using Commercial Intelligence

  • Lead experts in Australia, U.S.A and the U.K

We've Gotten Clients Meetings With:
Artificial Intelligence to Identify Prospects

Find Your Best Projects BEFORE Your Competition Does.

Our Ai database contains all the commercial decision makers you’ll ever need to sell to. Source your perfect clients within specific Geo-targeted areas to accelerate your business growth without wasting time on competitive bidding platforms.

  • We create lead lists based on the criteria we agree upon (asset type, project stage, geographic location, prequalified, employee size)
  • Extensive research is done by a team of commercial building lead experts for each company/contact
  • Customised messaged digitally sent to highly targeted and pre-qualified construction decision makers each week
  • We provide shared lead sheets and calendars for bookings for your commercial sales team to access daily.
  • We guarantee meetings with your ideal clients are exclusive whether your target is Main Contractors, Subcontractors, Owners, or Architects etc to increase your job win rate!

Simply Put, Our Clients Enjoy

Consistent Flow Of Qualified Leads
Consistent Flow Of Qualified Leads
Our clients see a substantial increase in the number of leads in their pipeline, some as much as 4x more leads within the first year alone. Be ready to scale.
Increased Brand Awareness
Increased Brand Awareness
Become the main provider your ideal clients think of when they’re ready to buy your specific solution. We’ll make sure you’ll always be on their radar.
Avoid Unfair Tender Sites
Avoid Unfair
Tender Sites
With the help of CRM system-integration, cloud platforms and AI, we see the management our clients' supply chain head towards an increasing level of autonomy.
Extra Time To Focus Closing Deals
Extra Time To Focus
Closing Deals
Spend less than 1 hour per month on your marketing. Your dedicated marketing manager will ensure everything gets done and you get updated
Appointment Setting Program for Commercial Construction Leads

Appointment Setters.
No More Cold Calling

Our company is 100% focussed on increasing sales for your company and building your brand. We set face-to-face and phone appointments with key decision-makers that are interested in your products and services. Importantly, we ensure:

  • All appointment setting is made with qualified companies and tracked for you in our own purpose built CRM.
  • Commercial Construction Leads generated on behalf of our clients are qualified to ensure there is an immediate need for a building solution. Where interest is not immediate, the opportunity is tracked and reported for future action.
  • Our systems can interact with yours so that calendars can be seamlessly linked between you and your prospects
  • Email confirmation and calendar requests to prospects appear as though they are coming from your company directly

If you need to outsource commercial construction appointment setting for North America, Australia or the U.K , please contact us to see how we can help.

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Construction Leads.

Better Leads in North America, Australia, the U.K
Builders, Architects, Sub Contractors and more.
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Generate 7X REACH
At One Third the Cost.

Backed by unmatched AI technology, GroBuild Construct Group is where deals are discovered and decisions are made.

B2B intent data provides insight into a web user’s purchase intent; allowing you to identify if and when a prospect is actively considering a new construction or fit-out project before they tender and it becomes the dreaded price war.

Stop being blocked by gatekeepers. We put you in direct contact with decision makers such as business owners, CEO’s, national project managers, developers and design teams.

To ensure quality, we work with a limited number of clients so we do not dilute the number and quality of leads available.

Guaranteed & Qualified Leads

Yes, I want to start generating guaranteed, qualified leads.

Our executive lead team are highly trained, highly skilled and ready to start generating qualified commercial construction leads for you and your team. If you’re ready to talk with us about ways that we can help support your lead generation processes, please click on the button below and one of our friendly team members can take you through our unique process.

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